Purchase Order Financing and Trade Finance

Funding to Reach Beyond Your Limitations

As a reseller of manufactured products, you may find sales flowing so freely that securing funds for production becomes a challenge. Large orders could mean large revenue, but your income may be severely restricted if you have limited access to capital. At Athens Capital Lending, we offer purchase order financing to help you improve cash flow and grow beyond your financial limitations.


Flexible Funding for On-Time Delivery

Partnering with Athens Capital Lending gives your company the power to engage more freely in trade, whether on the domestic scene or in the global marketplace. We provide letters of credit and funding for work in process to allow more timely delivery to your customers, with both import/export transactions and domestic orders.


purchase-order-financingIncrease Your Market Share

Distributors, wholesalers, purchasers and resellers of manufactured products can gain from the immediate access of purchase order funding. The increased circulation of goods not only raises profits, but improves your business profile by boosting your market share. Whether you are a start-up organization, have insufficient capital or are experiencing poor cash flow, we can help you move forward with benefits such as:

  • No increased bank debt
  • Retention of equity
  • Fast financing to meet your needs

Moving Forward

Our purchase order financing is designed to move you forward to a promising business future. To increase your financial horizons for tomorrow, contact Athens Capital Lending today.