Merchant Cash Advance

Giving You Options for Funding

If you have been searching for funding options through traditional channels, you might run into problems. At Athens Capital Lending, we know that there are many restrictions and qualifications when it comes to bank loans. That is why we offer alternative solutions like a merchant cash advance. We use your future credit card sales to provide you with as much as $200,000 per location of your business. Working with our team, you can rest assured that you can get the funds you need without going further into debt.


merchant-cash-advancesWhy Choose an Advance?

We do not place any restrictions on your cash advance, which means you can use the money however you see fit: investing in advertising, purchasing inventory or simply paying the bills. Additional advantages include:

  • There are no fixed payments involved.
  • You do not have to pay closing costs or an application fee.
  • We will develop a customized plan for payback.

We can make the funds available to you within a week so you can quickly get started on paying off debts or growing your business.

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Our representatives at Athens Capital Lending have a number of diverse financial products at their disposal. We believe in working closely with clients to develop the right plan for funding. To learn more about how our team can help you, please contact one of our representatives today and schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.