Equipment Lease Financing

A Better Way to Get Your Business Equipment

Part of what helps to ensure the success of your company is being able to support your operations with the most advanced equipment on the market. Staying on the cutting edge of your industry in terms of equipment can be difficult when you own your equipment and are left needing to upgrade yet still owing on your original equipment financing package. That’s why we here at Athens Capital Lending offer our clients a number of attractive equipment leasing options.


Our Finance Lease Options

truck-financingObtaining a financing package to least your business equipment has never been easier. Among the many highlights of our leasing program are:

  • Automatic qualification for government and municipal entities
  • Sale and Lease Back options
  • Lease financing for startups
  • A “Second Chance” program for companies with a poor business credit profile

We’re typically able to turn our lease financing applications around in as little as 24 hours. Our packages can be extended out to up to 84 months with excellent fixed interest rates. We can offer you financing anywhere from $150,000 to larger ticket financing of over $500,000.


The Benefits of Leasing

Many of the clients who come to us looking to help finance their equipment needs often asks us why we so strongly recommend leasing. Their thinking is that their equipment ranks among their most important business assets, so why not own it outright? While they’re correct in assigning such importance to their equipment, when the opportunity to have unlimited access to it without having to worry about the financial strain that it’s purchase can put on a company’s resources is there, why not take advantage of it? After all, financial freedom is a valuable business asset, as well.


We here at Athens Capital Lending are here to help you to avoid the pitfalls that come from being tied to purchased equipment. Why not give your company added financial flexibility by taking advantage of the many different equipment leasing options that we offer? Trust us; a healthy bottom line is better than a production floor filled with obsolete equipment any day. To learn more about leasing your equipment with us, contact one of our commercial finance experts today.