Contract Financing

Monetize Your Current Contracts Today

If you deal contractually with your clients, you know the highs that come from securing a new contract as well as the lows you feel when concerns over production make addressing the other needs of your business take a back seat. We here at Athens Capital Lending are here to tell you that such times are a thing of the past. When you choose to participate in our Contract Financing program, you can turn the value of your newly-minted contracts into cash.


contract-financingAn Easy and Effective Financing Tool

If your deal meets our minimum threshold of $1 million, then you can monetize it to help meet your business’ current needs. Past clients have found this to be an excellent way to:

  • Meet the daily demands of production
  • Consolidate debt
  • Fund their growth without having to exhaust their credit resources.

If you deal in service contracts, all you need to ensure financing is that your deal includes a component of equipment. Even if the contract is still in the negotiation stage, we can use it as a funding tool for you.


Having the full value of your contract made available to you right away helps you focus on expanding your business in order to take on newer, even larger clients without having to worry about your financial capacity to meet the demands of your current ones. Such financial flexibility is only a phone call away. Call today and speak with one of our commercial finance experts to see if contract financing is right for your company.