Bridge Loans and Hard Money

Building Bridges to Financial Stability

If your company has been made to endure the stormy financial seas that come with slow times, you have that much of a greater appreciation for your periods of prosperity. Too many companies find bridging the gaps between strong financial seasons too difficult. Yet it doesn’t have to be. Through our Bridge Loan and Hard Money Programs, your company can get the funding that it needs to whether any financial storm.


bridge-hard-money-financingMoney When You Need It Most

If you count commercial real estate holdings among your business assets, then you can choose to use that asset as collateral for the bridge loans that we offer here at Athens Capital Lending. Among the many advantages that you enjoy with this product are:

  • Low origination fees
  • Outstanding interest rates
  • Access to funds of up to $100 million depending upon your collateral assets

The time to make the decision on seeking a bridge or hard money loan is right now. Our specialty is turning these loan applications around in the shortest amount of time possible. In many cases, we can even close your loan in as little as five days.


We’re here to help you to build bridges to commercial success and financial stability for your company. Working with our team here at Athens Capital Lending means you’ll have the capital source that you need in order to support your business’ operations when times get tough. If that happens to be right now, then what are you waiting for? Give us a call right away.