Annuity Financing and Structured Settlement

Converting Payments Into Lump Sum Cash

Annuities and structured settlements provide a series of payments at regular intervals, but there may be times when you need cash in hand now. Athens Capital Lending offers you options through our annuity financing. Instead of receiving small increments over time, you can have a lump sum to use as you see fit without the penalty of steep surrender charges.

A World of Possibilities

There are many ways to use the funds. A lump sum could finance an unexpected change in your life or pay for a big expense without having to qualify for a conventional loan. You may wish to cash out an annuity you inherited or get your finances in position for transfer to your successors. We offer customized options to assist you in meeting your needs.


annuity-financingHow to Determine Your Resources

To obtain a quote for the amount available to you through a fixed annuity, you will need the following information:

  • Insurance Company Name
  • Policy number for annuity
  • When first payment is scheduled
  • Date of last guaranteed payment
  • Amount and frequency of each installment

If you have difficulty locating any of this information, let us know so that we can assist you. We can offer quotes based on some or all of the payments or a portion of each installment.


Increase Your Financial Options

Annuity financing provides a way to access to your own money when you need it. Contact us at Athens Capital Lending to realize new options in meeting your financial goals.