Middle market companies in the energy and mining & metals industrial sectors

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We started decades ago by helping manufacturing and wholesale businesses in the energy and mining & metals sectors get SBA loans to fund large expansion and acquisition projects. As we developed more sofisticated funding sources, we started to receive requests for better acquisition targets from corporate buyers. We realized we had a unique point of view, since we could help sellers prepare their businesses for strategic acquisitions.

Our long history in business acquisition finance resulted in a strong network of private equity groups and corporate buyers. Since we know how a corporate or private equity buyer thinks, we can give you an action plan to make your company look more attractive to those groups. This is one our secrets to making the selling process painless while getting you the highest price for your business.

Our M&A Fees include all the work we undertake in advance to prepare your company for a strategic acquisition and making your overall business more valuable. However our sucess fees are one of the lowest in the Americas, because in making your company better, we make our job of selling your company way easier. We usually get several competing offers on the businesses we sell, all keeping up with the most strict confidentiality.